Criminal Case is a detective-themed hidden object game which was released by the developer, Pretty Simple, for Facebook in November 2012. The game was received with great popularity and has greater than ten million average users each month.

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The game takes place in a fictional town called Grimsborough and the player serves as a detective in the murder crime-solving process. Visiting different crime scenes, the player has to identify different objects found at the scene to help put together the clues to solve the mystery surrounding the suspicious death.

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Once the clues have been identified and collected, the player then must select the murderer from a lineup. At this point, no criminal defense attorney is required because the suspect is immediately apprehended and thrown in jail.

Fans of the game were very excited to hear that Criminal Case would go on to win the Facebook Game of the Year for 2013, beating out their greatest competitor Candy Crush. Criminal Case Facebook Game of the Year

The graphic images and sensitive subject matter are believed to have led to its popularity. The player has to battle against the likes of one-off murders, serial killers, and criminal organizations.

Criminal Case Game Suspects

There game contains a total of 56 cases in Grimsborough along with 59 more cases in Pacific Bay. There is talk of a World Edition that will be released soon.

Criminal Case continues to be a very popular game not only on Facebook, but is also available for downloads on iOS and Android platforms. These apps can be downloaded by visiting the iTunes store or the Google Play store.