There’s More Than One Way To Get Energy On Criminal Case

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Criminal Case is a popular video game that started on facebook, but now you can play it on smartphones and other devices. I love how engaged it keeps me and that I have to keep solving cases to move on. One down side of the game is that you have to have energy to keep playing. If you haven’t received enough energy, you can end up having to pay for it. However, there is some good news; there are a lot of ways to get energy.  Here are 11 ways:

  1. Use you lucky card collections.  After you have a complete collection, you can trade the spade and heart for an energy item.
  2. Level up refill.  When you level up, your energy bar will go up to 110, this won’t be exceeded if you had energy points remaining.  If you had more than 110 energy points, you will not lose any.
  3. Claim your daily bonus.  Be sure to claim your daily bonus consecutively for three days. If  you do so, you will get energy items.  You can receive one potato chip if you claim your daily bonus for five days in a row.
  4. Bonus gifts.  You can like the Criminal Case Game Developers on Facebook to get free gifts.  Sometime it is free energy!
  5. Having friends gets you more energy.  Your friends can send you 2 energy points as a free gift.  Also, you get one point every time a friend accepts energy from you.
  6. Examine clues.  You can get an energy reward when you restore, collect, decode, or find clues, but you have to do it fast! The faster you finish them, the more energy points you get.
  7. Trade extra stars.  After you have finished a case and all of the additional investigations, you can trade your remaining stars for energy.
  8. Lucky dog find.  You never know the value of a dog.  Some dogs can find energy items at the end of a crime scene investigation.
  9. Your friends promotions can help you.  When they level up or rank up. They are able to share one orange juice or one potato chip thanks to their promotions.  To get them, click on the claim button that appears in your Facebook feed.
  10. Investigation rewards.  During additional investigations, some characters will reward you with a burger after you’ve helped them.
  11. Lastly, you can purchase energy.  To do this click on the energy bar on the energy icon and choose from the items that are there.

I hope that one of these tips is new for you and that it will be able to help you get some additional energy! Good luck!