3 Things You May Not Know About Criminal Case

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It’s pretty easy to watch a detective show and roll your eyes at the investigators when they miss an obvious clue.

But how good are you really? When it comes to actually doing some detective work?

The wildly popular game “Criminal Case” gives you hundreds of different opportunities to solve murder cases and develop your skills as an investigator. This involves a variety of things like searching crime scenes for important clues and questioning suspects to gather nuggets of information to keep killers off the streets.

1) It’s CRAZY Popular

With more than 100 million players on Facebook, Criminal Case is pretty much the most popular crime investigation game to date. When you decide to play this game you will be joining a large community of individuals from more than 200 countries who enjoy employing their detective skills.

2) It’s Available to Play On Many Platforms

With a new investigation available every week, you want options when it comes to where you can play this fantastic game.

Luckily, with Criminal Case, you have many of them. This multi-platform game is available on Facebook, Android devices or your iPhone or iPad. And the best part is you don’t need an internet connection to play!

3) There are a TON of Scenarios to Choose From

How long will it take you to solve every one of the 100+ crime scenes available?

The twists and turns in these exciting storylines can really suck you in if you’re not careful. Once you immerse yourself in these ultimate thrillers compete with your friends and fellow gamers to see who knocks out their cases the fastest.

Can you name any other tips or facts about Criminal Case that many people may not be aware of? We’d love to hear about them!