3 Ways Criminal Case Enforces Life Lessons

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As I’ve played Criminal Case, there are three things that have stuck out to me that are relatable to everyone.

  1. You have to earn money to Perform Other Tasks

When you begin Criminal Case, you are the detective solving a murder. The quicker you are able to find clues at the crime scene, the more money you earn. Just like life, what you earn is based on how well you perform your job. After finding the initial clues, you have other tasks that must be performed to solve the case. You can only complete the tasks if you have earned enough money to do them though.

It’s just like needing to earn money before you can buy food or like doing well in school before you can get your dream job. If I want to be a DUI attorney, I won’t earn that immediately. I will have to be educated and trained. This aspect of the game reminds players that you have to earn your money by doing your job well in order to meet other needs and that success only comes with preparation.


2. Bad Decisions Lead to Consequences

When you make that final arrest of the guilty person, you feel like a total boss but you also remember that decisions come with consequences. It’s super satisfying to put the “bad guy” behind bars but it also reminds you that you never want to be the person behind bars. Even though it’s a game, it’s a good reminder that if your decisions are bad, you will meet consequences that match those decisions.


3.  How to Make Hard Decisions

When you have played through all the parts of the case, you choose who gets arrested. It is up to you to use each clue to make sure that you arrest the right person. The apprehension about whether you’ve really chosen the guilty person is real. This moment reflects what many people experience in their everyday life when making decisions. My take away from this part of the game is that even though you may not always be sure if you’ve made the right decision, some decisions just have to be made. You might find out that it wasn’t the correct decision, but you can’t learn to make the right decision if you never try.


So, in a way, Criminal Case is actually a series of reminders to work hard, to do your best, to make decisions that have good consequences, and to overcome the fear of decision making.